24 February 2015

Second Video Proves Lima - Peru Saucer UFO Was In Fact There 10/02/2015

Here we have another video of the Peru UFO that we recently published showing a different angle to the sightings of the suspected alien flying saucer. Recorded on the 10th Feburary 2015 this amazing catch shows that the object in our first story was in fact there and the video adds to the credibility that maybe this was an extra terrestrial craft or an advanced back tracked military technology. Both videos do not show the craft appear or disappear however it proves that the witnesses were correct in their statement. Recently there was reports of a flying saucer crash in Canada on the 19th of Feburary, is it coincedence that Lima has this sighting and Canada have a crash 9 days later, Its not likely saucer travel the universe alone and may have been part of a group or come from a mothership, 9 days gap in space terms is nothing, if this is an ET craft it may have been here on a scientific trip analysing the environment of Lima Peru and may have had technical problems or possibly attacked by military forces to have come down 9 days later. I will keep you updated on these events in the coming days! stay tuned.

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