01 February 2015

UFO Caught On ISS Cam Flying Over The Earth - Amazing

In whats truely an amazing catch by one of youtubes more popular UFO channels this great video shows a UFO in all its glory passing effortlessly over the upper atmosphere and it was caught in HD. UFOvni2012 posted this great recording and no doubt! It's no satellite as all satellites are further away from earth than the International Space Station (ISS) itself! as seen below in this pic.

So what on outer Earth can this object be in this video? Its no rocket, Sky balloon, space junk or aircraft yet its speed in scale is over 25k mph, Oh I must say we have no tech that propels such a speed that far up or down here, it takes gravity at a height of the ISS to do its magic and create such speeds, but at such a lower altitude to the ISS it does not make any logic! unless its a secret creation of mankind or (OR) its an unidentified flying object (UFO) and alien! its worth thinking over. Take a close look and be open minded.

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