28 February 2015

When A Secret Military Craft Turns Out To Be A UFO

This footage might not be new but I assure you its view count for such a video is so low at just tipping over 8k views it shocks me that its not over 2m in terms to how good a catch it actually is. Some would say this is some type of aircraft! maybe a secret military craft like the supposedly exposed TR3B but just like we waited for over two decades for area 51 to be acknowledged by the government when it was first came to light by Bob Lazar and president Obama only recently acknowledged its existance and maybe the TR3B
will in the coming years be acknowledged but take a look at this video! this craft has ET written all over it in terms of speed, shape, lighting and altitude! first the recorder catches a comercial jet with its beacon warning lights flashing brightly but after studying the sky this amazingly fast unknown aircraft (UFO) move effortlessly across the sky and clear the horizon to disappear leaving the person recording it im sure in a bit of a shock. There has in the past been plenty of triangular shaped objects in the sky caught on night vision equipment and in some cases its birds flocking to a destination but I assure you this is in no way any earth bound creatures taking a super quick trip to another destination! this footage needs more recognition and people need to share videos of this nature like myself publishing this post its that good it has to be one of the best (NV) videos ever recorded.

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