03 March 2015

Government Agree To Pay Sick Benefits For Randlesham Forest Irradiated Witness

In a new shocking revelation, the US Government who once stated nothing at all happened at Randlesham Forest has now retracted its claim and in a way they are admitting that something actually did by agreeing to pay full medical bills for exposure to radiation and radiation sickness.

US Airman John Burroughs was denied sick benefit and medical bills paid for sickness he attained during his time under the US government payroll while working in Randlesham Forest, Burroughs and his doctor failed to get his medical history
because he was under "classified" they went to Senator John McCain who also failed to get his medical records, Finally Burroughs legal team gained two documents from the Ministry Of  Defence and they fully stated he was irradiated by radiation, this sickness has caused Burroughs to stop working, also his mithral heart valve collapsed and stopped working! a symptom that does not usually happen at all in a 50 year old, this is now related to radiation as the sole culprit.

Now that the US government are paying him an income and for his medical bills along with everything else for an accident they first stated did not happen this is the first time the government has in fact acknowledged the accident did happen!
Burroughs who claims the US government in the past stated he did not work for them at the time of the UFO incident,

Now that the US Veterans Association and the Department Of Defence are paying his bills, Burroughs lawyer states this is an admission by government that UFOs are real..

So here we have it, a professional team gain two classified documents that prove Burrows was an employee, was at Randlesham Forrest at the time of the UFO sighting and was exposed to radiation at the spot where the UFO was parked and exposed to radiation so abnormal it near killed him and after all these years it was these two documents that won his case so its an admission UFOs are real in De Facto and he was there.

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