01 March 2015

Israel Held An Expensive ET Invasion Military Exercise February 2015

Just over a week since a suspected UFO crash landed in Canada with a huge military presence suspected of stopping paperazi and withholding evidence of a crashed "flying saucer" the Israeli military held an expensive UFO Alien invasion exercise at the cost to the tax payer labelling the exercise as just a stunt but still a professionally conducted exercise.

Earlier in the week, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) conducted a training exercise for its Air Force cyber unit, the “Ofek
” (Horizon).
The exercise was to mimic a scenario where planet Earth would be invaded by an advanced alien species with superior advances in technology to wipe out humanity (FICTIONAL) although the IDF's website engineer Lt.Col.Meir ststes it was based to encite the younth of the military to make it exciting! Its very very unusual for any military anywhere worldwide to hold such a military exercise and to an expensive cost. Lt.Col.Meir states that its just an exercise to strengthen their "Cyber Defence" like something out of independence day they based the exercise on hacking the ET software and computer equipment which is extremely unlikely as they cant hack North Koria's nuclear factories never mind a super intelligent beings computer system based on a language we dont even know.
As of recent there has been an awefull lot of UFO activity and suspected reports of close encounters and crashes plus NASA's JPL website being inundated with new space pics showing UFOs in them along with Mars curiosity and of recent the bright spots on the "Death Star" a star NASA once said does not exist is not de-classified as its made the news and scientists are baffled at what the amazingly bright objects on its surface as pictured by a passing satellite.
Could it be that an Alien race is coming and not to wipe us out but to get rid of the leaders and militaries that are slowly changing this planet into a slave planet as seen on the streets of the U.S a military police state is beginning and freedom of speech being stripped from the population? It might not be anytime soon or ever happen but when you look at what is happening and you know there is ETs visiting earth, might have saw a UFO you know we couldnt build in a million years your views of the world are by fare more diverse than the brain in a box person.

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