04 March 2015

Three UFOs Caught On Moons Atmosphere All On Video

In what looks like one of the best Moon UFO footage recorded this past few years! three mysterious objects seem to be circling the moons atmosphere and 1 lucky skywatcher caught them on video.
At the 18 second mark of the video on the righthand side zoomed section of the moon three UFOs pass within the moons atmosphere in pass on front of the moon itself
. The witness sounds like he does not believe in UFOs and is trying to have his own theory as to what they are.

Witness states: I filmed the moon, just to test my new camera, when I watched the footage on my computer, I noticed these 'orbs' , ufo's , balls or whatever. Might be artifacts (technical glitches), I just don't know. Thought it was funny to try and analyse it a bit by zooming a little.

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