11 March 2015

UFO With Aliens Walking Around It Near Snowplowed Roadside Switzerland

A UFO with two aliens walking around it was sighted in Switzerland on April 16th 2013.

Witness states: Walking up speechless towards this blue light that shouldn't of been on the road I thought it was a snowmobile broke down but this what I know now is a being walked around the light at the time I thought it was somebody but getting closer another walked on front of the light and it had no clothes! It tripped on something and this ear twitching noise started, the light started pulsating and this light went up into the sky and away! I'm near sure it was circular around the light which was centered near the middle. I'm not into the alien stuff but this was not us I don't think! them beings had normal heads no bigger than ours and thin like us and the same height as us I think. There was melted holes in the snowbank which was 10 or 12 foot tall plowed up the edge of the road near Ammertenbach river.

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