25 April 2015

California NSA Hacker Owns Half Of UFODI Facebook Account! FB Wont Remove Them

The Californian professional government hacker that destroyed ufodi.com and nearly crippled ufodi.net is a joint owner of ufodi.int Facebook and we under law cant remove the US firm from our page! Facebook said this is legal but how can Facebook give out passwords to this hacking company who arranges for NSA CIA FBI staff to meet up at the Marina Del Rey resort in California? they are government hackers and out to destroy UFOLOGY and we must of been leading in real footage for them to censor us from the public on Facebook and YouTube. Our YouTube videos be stripped from public viewing within 30 minutes of its uploads just like this video right here will also be invisible to you unless you type our channel its the only way to see it! Facebook sold our privacy and passwords to hackers and our .com website had the same password as our Facebook account so the hackers quickly destroyed it and hid it in a secret place. This is very offensive and to me Facebook saying this hack is legal and we cant bring it to court is sickening. This is just a short video and Im going to make a whole new website based on these hackers and Facebook as its proof Facebook is the NSA.

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