10 April 2015

Google Publish Live Photo Of Huge Saucer UFO In Google Mars

Planet Mars is by far the best place to sustain human life with the right technology, but it seems Google have helped in the assumption that it can support Alien life also as Google have mistakenly shown an un-airbrushed NASA pic stitched on Google Mars map which is a runoff for Google Earth.

Either NASA gave the green light or purposely sold Google the copyright image for their Google Mars platform purposely without blurring the image as the do with 95% of the moon images on Google Moon. You may know this was not on BBC news or Fox news or any other mainstream news broadcaster as laws prohibit them to publish without the right authorization but a few websites have.

This this is huge and clearly not a rock or mountain and its as clear as day a perfectly round "Flying Saucer" sitting on the surface of the red planet. NASA sure wont comment on this as thats their profession! keep ET secret and the funding for the search of ET will keep flowing in $$$$$. Its all about the dollars people.

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