05 May 2015

Facebook Illegally Sabotage UFODI Facebook Page! Issued Stark Warning

Online hacking and spying company Facebook has finally had enough of UFODI.Int on facebook removing us and leaving only our TV Network page available. Facebook is the worlds leading spy network. After logging into our account that has over 3k followers we post not only UFOs but facts about US Facebook as a major spy and hacking network also about crimes against humanity, After logging in the asked for myself to provide (UPLOAD) multiple ID proof, passport and birth certificate and while I stated to them this is illegal as its a fan page they stated we will eradicate all the profile! this was orders from the US government on the exact day Mexico is to disclose Roswell pics and proof in a possible UFO disclosure event. Facebook are an empire! its creators were not who we are told! they were given false fame, the real creators are the (FB)(I) FBI who want all proof of facebook owners! but as we were legally hacked from Marina Del Rey California and well documented we have hit this steel wall and fear the Facebook page will never be available anymore.

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Mohrphaeus said...

We don't need them. They will fall as fast they rose. Take care.