16 May 2015

NASA Dawn Satellite Records UFO Over Cares Dwarf Planet Mysterious Lights

NASA has done it again! on purpose they allowed multiple frame pics that show an unidentified flying object (UFO) over the dwarf planet Cares and whats more astounding is the fact that the UFO is in the vicinity of the mysterious lights which NASA now claim is not two lights but hundreds.

 We all know on earth when a UFO is seen it can be one of many things as theres plenty of airborne craft here on earth and even if it was alien we would more likely not believe it! but when there is such an airborne object in the furthest reaches of our solar system and caught or recorded by our satellite we cannot just go and explain it as anything we are used to seeing. Cares planet caused a media frenzy when It was photographed with two strange lights, not its said the two lights are actually hundreds, NASA claim it to be ice reflecting the sun but thats far fetched as sunlight is so weak out there its hard to claim the light is strong enough to reflect if ice and shine 100 times more brighter! now this mysterious UFO over the lights area is the boost ufology needs in terms for asking NASA for a more detailed explanation. This video is stitched photo frames and converted into a rolling film video! not only do you see the ufo in a circular way but also it looks like it tilts on its side.

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