10 May 2015

Roswell Alien Slide Photos A Money Making Elaborate Hoax! By An ET Investigator

Claims made by one of Mexico's leading ET UFO investigator that two slide photo's of a small alien has made many ET UFO believers angered at finding out the suspected alien in fact was a mummified body of a two year old boy.
People who paid a lot of hard earned cash to attend the meeting were informed that if they wanted to see the colour slides as a bonus would further have to fork out an extra $350 while people worldwide on the web would have to pay $20 pay per view charge to see the live stream with no translation from spannish which Im sure was a total kick in the teeth for many if not them all.
The mummified body first had a few things removed from it like special wool, clothing for moist resistance and feet preserving shoes before the pic was taken which is now claimed to be a profit based elaborate hoax. Pics above with its original clothing preserved in an airtight chamber box.

Plane tickets, train, boat, car costs in fuel the price at front doors and the price for a bonus look in colour were all lining the pockets of the people that created the conference and who hyped the event up for months.

What upset believers and joyed debunkers was the fact that after five years of photo analysis to come to the conclusion the slides were 1947 authentic ended up being proved wrong inside two days by normal online hawk eyed observers using a blur fixing image app to show the card at the beings leg had the words " Mummified body of a two year old boy" as clear as day and 5 years of examination they didn't find this! relating to this being known and hidden on purpose.
Tested by Kodak who claimed the slide was from 47 must of been a hoax also.

Now its claimed DEW MEDIA have the other unseen slides and high resolution pics for possible media production and other uses but its too late, its debunked and proven a rock hard elaborate hoax.

In a believers case we can say that any photo or video taken on the day of Roswell would of been taken from the cameraman under state security and in the hands of the US Military Industrial Complex and US Airforce making it more easier to rob Fort Knox that get 100ft near proof of alien photos in Military protection.

One thing is for sure! one man in ufology from Mexico has a huge apology to give out! and along with sharing the purse he made so the public can get a clear view if it was profit over context.

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