16 May 2015

UFO Flies Up Along Eiffel Tower In France Then Hides In Cloud

A woman on tour in France caught the most unusual of UFO sightings as she was on a river sidewalk near the Eiffel tower.

The witness was enjoying all the scenery around her and decided to record the landscape with her high definition camera but when she was panning round towards the iconic tower and started zooming in on it she happened to notice this little white orb moving upwards from city rooftops and travel along the actual towers side! what makes this footage stand out is one thing and one thing only to make it be linked to an actual unidentified flying object (UFO) and that's how long it took the object to shoot from rooftop height to shoot up into the overhanging cloud above! eight incredible seconds.

Some people would speculate this to be an animal (Bird) but I can assure you no bird on earth can travel inside eight seconds from a roof to inside a cloud above! that also goes for any drone (RC Quad Copter) and its this eight short seconds that gives this a lot (very lot) of credibility.

What also stands out is at 40 second mark way in the background between the Eiffel Tower on the right and the domed roof on the left is a flash in the sky! this could also be related to the UFO possibly shooting through the sky and breaking some type of speed barrier way back there! but also in an earthly prospective it could be lightning but the weather does not suggest lightning should occur.

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