13 May 2015

UFODI Facebook Poll - Does NASA Tell The Truth - 100% Say No

Recently UFODI held a poll on Facebook that got quite a straight white wash in terms of NASA truths! Does NASA Tell The Truth.
The results are as straight as the description in this picture.
100% of the replies which needed the answer (Y) yes or (N) no had exactly what I thoughts would show up! a big fat No.
NASA is in its own way a Government and a complex one at that, their goal on the creation of the organization was to find life on other planets or moons but without the world recognizing a shift in its goals! I remind you NASA are trying to hide life on other planets and moon plus covertly changed their search in finding funds for technology for super wealthy buisnesses and phone giants, weather companies, military and GPS organizations. NASA also have the ISS (International Space Station) which is our so-called biggest satellite that has cameras on every itch and cranny for their personal viewing in super rich HD but did you know they have cameras for the public? these cameras are so fundamentally flawed in detail and lights altering to the point where all stars, planets and even the moon are clearly rubbed out of view by a special program which removes anything like a dot in the darkness of space! You can't even see our city lights at night time and NASA state this is HD! Below is an example of the publics view No1 and NASA's real view No2.

Public view No1
NASA view No2
NASA has this light removing program for 1 specific purpose! to hide small UFOs that move across the night sky on regular basis, unknown objects! if NASA ever gave us what they can see in super HD it would be as significant as disclosing UFOs worldwide without holding a conference.

Thanks to all that participated in the poll, you have NASA voted 100% not to be trusted.
If you are interested in UFOs follow UFO groups on Facebook where great gossip and posts, videos and photos be shared before any media get hold of them so your in tact with a form of reality thats more credible than the one we are being led to believe.

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