10 May 2015

UFODI News: Huge Spinning UFO Inside Lightning Cloud Over L.A

A huge spinning intensely bright object is traveling in a tubular shaped cloud that's surrounded by lightning, the very unusual activity Recorded over LA has us baffled at what esta May be. Witness states: I was watching an awesome display lightening When I saw brilliant light esta start gliding across the sky. Once it Went out of my line of vision esta second one came into view and I videotaped it. My iPhone does not do what I saw justice. It was so beautiful. If you look in the cloud, the light is whos moving around inside as it glides across. So cool. Forgive the language and commentary. I was watching esta by myself and I Tend to talk to myself. Had i known I would be posting it for all to see I Would Have censored myself. I wish someone else Could have seen it with me. Also I apologize for the reflection of the light kitchen in the background and at the end my salt lamp. The most reasonable explanation is That it is a UFO. What do you think?

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