17 May 2015

US Senator Richard B Russel Saw Two Flying Saucers UFOs In Russia Near Rail Track

US Senator Richard B. Russell, Jr. (D-Ga.) Was traveling on a Soviet train in 1955 During a fact-finding mission in Russia When I spotted a disc-shaped, UFO flying saucer taking off near the tracks. He and his aides Reported sighting to the US security agencies after They left Russia, but the US government kept secret for the UFO sightings acerca 30 years.
                                                    Image courtesy of Disclose TV

Senator Russell, then a chairman of the Armed Services Committee and one of the Most Influential senators Until His death in 1971 after serving in Senate for 38 years, was traveling with two aides in the Transcaucasus region of Russia when, at About 7pm on October 4 1955, I Looked out of the window and spotted two disc-shaped UFOs taking off from a spot near the tracks.

I called His military aide Lt. Col. Hathaway and Ruben Efron interpreter urgently to the window. Hathaway came to the window in time to see the first UFO, but Efron barely caught a glimpse of the first UFO as it disappeared. However, all three saw the second UFO as it Took off.

They reported almost the sightings to the US Air Force Authorities Immediately after They left Russia, agreeing That They saw a disc-shaped UFO.

The CIA, FBI, and Air Force documents, Which give details of the sightings, declassified in 1985 and Were Obtained through Freedom of Information Act (FIOA) by the Fund for UFO Research (FUFOR) under ITS Chairman Dr. Bruce Maccabee.

ACCORDING TO Maccabee, "These long secret documents are of major Importance Because They show for the first time That One of the Most Powerful US Senators Witnessed and Reported UFO."

A top secret Air Force intelligence report on the sightings, dated October 14, 1955, was written by Lieut. Col. Thomas Ryan, air attaché at the US embassy in Prague, Czechoslovakia, WHO met the senator and his aides They left after Russia. That Ryan wrote the report was based on "an eyewitness account of the ascent and flight of an unconventional craft by three highly reliable United States observers."

Reportedly Told Col. Ryan Hathaway, "I doubt if you are going to believe This, but we all saw it. Senator Russell was the first to see this flying disc Told We've been there for years That is Not such a thing, but all of us saw it.

The CIA Also Interviewed the three eyewitnesses. Ruben Told That the CIA was excellent visibility During the sightings and That the UFOs gave an impression of "gliding" as "Heard was no noise and no exhaust was Heard, and no exhaust glow or trail was seen by me."

The CIA Reportedly Also Interviewed a fourth unidentified person Who Said That One of the UFOs had a "slight dome on top" and Also a "white light on top."

The eyewitnesses Described as the disc having a pinkish-white glow. It rose "vertically With the glow moving slowly around the perimeter in a clockwise direction, giving the appearance of a pinwheel."

According To Dr. Maccabee of the Fund for UFO Research, Senator Russell and his companions never spoke in public about the sightings "Because They Were no doubt advised not to talk."

But rumors about the sightings soon Began spreading, and a reporter for the Los Angeles Examiner Approached the senator for details.

The Senator's response, dated 17 January, 1956, to a request from the Los Angeles Examiner's Tom Towers for information about the sightings read, "I have Discussed esta matter With the Affected agencies of the government, and They are of the review That it is not wise to publicize esta matter at This Time. I regret very much that i am unable to be of assistance to you. "

The report was finally declassified in 1985.

Concluded That Maccabee "these documents Provide startling new evidence That UFOs exist."

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