07 June 2015

People Record The Moon Flying Away! May 2015

This video surfaced recently showing the moon moving like a drone in the sky! I along with others can ridicule the footage as CGI but as a believer in "Project Bluebeam" a ground and satellite based projector that uses moist particles in the air and gasses in the atmosphere to project an image of anything! even the return of Christ has been mentioned to do with Iraq.

Here you can see the moon is twitching and pulsating like the particles in the air and in dense patches and light patches making the projection appear this pulsating way and after a few seconds it starts moving and suddenly disappears like its abandoned our planet.

This footage is no UFO and the chances of it being CGI rather than Bluebeam is 90%! there is a strange layout in the video! the cars, the car park lights, the building and the people in the video they all seem not to fit into the scene of that which is a clear recording.