27 June 2015

Sorry Guys! Major Censorship Has Hidden All UFO Videos On YouTube

Guys I'm finding it real hard to find you regular uploads from YouTube as its new censorship program which strips all UFO videos offline is working very well, videos appear online filtered past hour but once the hour is up the videos will never ever be found searching the word UFO! channels that are not effected are hoaxers and channels re-uploading videos with fake dates and accounts! I cannot share these videos! I see videos being posted I witnessed on YouTube last year and they are headed as a sighting in June 2015, I cannot post these. When I search this hour I see some decent videos but once the hours up they are gone never to be found searching the word UFO. I hope you understand I'm only interested in good videos not by UFO channels but by channels made by witnesses and they have normal videos with only 1 UFO video. I will keep searching but untill then keep your eyes in the sky.