18 June 2015

UFO Seen Near The International Space Station. (Just Like the Tether UFOs)

A new video has been posted onto YouTube and dodged YouTubes wide spread new censorship program which removes legit UFO sightings from the search "UFO" after its first hour of being posted. This strange sighting happened to be caught on the ISS live feed cam and it resembles the tether incident UFOs which are donut shaped with a little bite taken from its side.

YouTube have successfully been able to hide every single good video uploaded this past year which was uploaded with a "TAG" labled "UFO" only to allow elaborate hoaxers and CGI specialists videos to go online in an effort to veer the public into believing the myth is all a hoax which in reality its getting so strong and the sightings are so well in detail its now the masses are realising their special uploads are missing searching the tags they placed in their videos.

Below is the video posted by popular YouTube channel Mr.Enigma