11 July 2015

Mysterious changing UFO cloud could be elaborate hoax! Philadelphia June 2015

Hector Garcia of North Philadelphia, Might Have provided proof of disputed claims of sightings of "cloaked" UFOs when, recently, I filmed a mysterious white, shape-shifting or morphing cloud-like UFO blob gliding across the sky in front of His window.

According to Garcia, the object Looked like an ordinary cloud, but it was clear from it's behavior That it was a UFO. Garcia claimed That the cloud-like UFO had flashing lights, flew like a powered craft, Rapidly and changed shape as I watched it.

The "weird cloud thing," according to Garcia, moved much faster than other clouds in the sky at the time.

After I posted the 90-second clip to Facebook and Then to YouTube, Hundreds of UFO enthusiasts Contacted him, saying That He Had indeed filmed a "cloaked" UFO. Some viewers described as the UFO morphing from a shape like a human face to "an angel fish" and finally, to jellyfish.

UFODI: My take on this video under viewing from a witness perspective is that the witness is calm and collected, not calling for family or others to see in a shock response seeing at the very start he is in company of others while hearing a child cry, the bird sounds at the start are very non matching the sound quality of his voice which suggests its edited sounds! the cloud-object while moving at one point is twitching but all other objects in the field of view are not! this video leads me to believe its a good CGI elaborate hoax.