21 July 2015

Strange UFO Hovers Over Miami Florida (Mufon) July 18th 2015

Here is a footage of a black circular disk object hovering in the sky under a crescent moon over Miami in the USA. The witness of the object in the sky stated: "I was leaving my friend's house, walking to my car, and I noticed the neighbors were outside their house I was confused as to what they were doing. I thought maybe they were looking for a lost dog that had just ran down the street. So I looked down the street and then I noticed the black object in the air. My first thought was "No way, is that a ufo?" I wanted to ask the neighbors if they were looking at the object in the air but I felt embarrassed to press the issue since my friend and his family were right there outside of their house too. Half the family was getting into their car to leave the house.

I got into my car and parked one house down the road, closer to the object and facing it's direction. I messaged a friend saying "I think I see a ufo." I then started to record the object from within my car. My windshield was dirty so that didn't help. I noticed something show up on my screen, on the left side, when I was recording and then it was gone. I only saw it through what my phone was recording. I couldnt tell if this object was a bug on my windshield or something else in the sky. I did not see this while I was outside of my car.

The black object seemed to be mostly stationary and it looked like it was changing shape. It was kind of spherical but it looked cashew shaped too. It looked like it was rotating as well. I called a friend to tell them about what I was seeing but they did not pick up. By this time I was a block away from my friend's house and I had lost view of the object. I stopped looking at it when I looked at my phone to call my friend. Houses and trees were possibly in the way or maybe it was gone. I tried finding it again but I couldn't find it. It was getting dark outside too. I drove back home after about three minutes of trying to get a better view while not driving back in front of my friend's house.

I didn't feel scared. I was in awe and confused as to what it was as well. At the same time I felt embarrassed to even be looking at it since my friend and his family were right there. I didn't want them asking me what I was doing

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