14 July 2015

Two UFOs In Super Fast Flight At Lightning Show! Bensenville Illinois July 13th 2015

Two super fast unidentified flying objects fly over to witness above Bensenville Illinois US During one hell of an impressive lightning show.

The witness "Mike Da Poet" impressive uploaded the full video on YouTube channel With Him His Stating the date at July 13th 2015.

Now answer STI time! UFODI - I have to give my feedback on This impressive sighting! Its not airborne aircraft from earth, not lanterns ITS speeded up 100x, STIs supersonic flares, NASA UFOs show video over and around lightning storms "YES THEY DO" also maybe under lightning storms They Appear! another explanation is ball lightning, a rare phenomena but rarely caught, yet NASA debunk UFOs hovering orb not moving at all as ball lightning "Fact" So this one is for you to choose.

To view Mike's full impressive video click " Here " and view in HD.

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