11 July 2015

YouTubes Most Famous UFO Hoaxers Fools Public With Motorcycle Clutch As Flying Saucer

The internet's biggest UFO hoaxer has yet again fooled his army of subscribers with yet another elaborate hoax!

 His subscribers, many of which would believe a banana in the sky would be a super advanced alien ship yet again showed how down right stupid their brains are by believing a "scooter motorcycle sports clutch" was a flying saucer from another planet. Blake Cousins and his brother who run Thirdphaseofmoon are by all means the most prolific CGI and elaborate hoaxers ever to be online! this new video by them was made with a scooter clutch for an automatic moped tied to a 100+ft string to a $5 weather balloon, a balloon many tie their gopro cameras to with GPS and send into the upper atmosphere! I dont usually post their videos as they have actor witnesses who are actually friends and fake accounts of events recorded but on this occasion and possibly from now on we will post their videos to debunk the lie, It would be great if you turn your adblock while viewing this hoax.