04 August 2015

Huge Suspected Meteor Breaks Up Into Multiple UFOs! Milwaukee Wisconsin ...

This interesting video shows what appears to be a meteor breaking up and surprisingly separating into very strange hovering orbs.

 Some comments on the video state that it could be skydivers because there was a sky diving event held that same day, but we have placed the suspected skydiving video below this video to show you that this is two very separate sightings altogether and its most likely a specialized skydiving team were ordered to quickly do a skydive as an effort by the military to cover up the actual sighting, other comments say this sounds like Mexico and not Wisconsin.

Here below is the coverup video of suspected skydivers! at the same time its suspected UFOs! but clearly the movements and blinking of this video does not in any way prove the above sightings matched this! its clear they are separate and not related.

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