01 August 2015

Meteor! Or ET Showing A Sign That A Meteor Will Strike Buenos Aires In Sep 2015

I believe ET is here for thousands of years and I believe if there is ever a threat from outer space ET will give us a warning by demonstrating the incoming threat. This few months NASA has been bombarded by scientists and astrologists about a meteor impact which could strike Buenos Aires on mid September 2015, NASA already held a massive exercise this year on a massive meteor impact which adds to speculation that operation Jade Helm is a military takeover of Texas to stop tens of millions from Brazilian and Mexicans escaping their countries to flock through the Texas border in to safer land on the day or just days after NASA finally admit there will be a strike most likely a week or less before the impact as America wont be able to handle the millions if the disclosed the details today as it would cripple Americas infrastructure of supporting tens of millions of refugees.

I need you to really study this object, its light intensity, the lack of sound, the speed in 1 part of the city and the slow it travels in another part of the city!  It led me to believe this is a craft that has to be very advanced! a meteor to create a tail like this has to create huge noise as it rips the particles in the air making the particles glow hot red on its tail while suspiciously glowing green itself! yet there is no air ripping to heat the particles up! and its speed slows by 60% in a certain few frames which is very suspicious.

The film Starship Troopers had a nasy scene in it when a big wack of meteor bug shit or turd was farted towards earth and it struck Buenos Aires and wiped out the main part of the continent, Movies sometimes be writen and funded by the military as the US military gets 40% of its money from Hollywood and other major movie production estates from movies like Black Hawk down and Pearl Harbor the Military gained tens of millions from each film, so could they of made a story based on some event which could happen in the next decade or so? We will never be sure! but keep in mind if you believe in UFOs and Aliens being here and the military industrial complex is keeping evidence from us wouldn't it be no surprise we dont trust them.

Below is the video! just analyse it yourself and you might see things the way I do.

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