28 September 2015

Japan UFO Research Center Has Top Secret Roswell Memo On Display Upsetting US

A top secret Memo has appeared in a Japanese UFO research center and it has conspiracy theorists abuzz. The document which was sent to the director of the then FBI in Washington.

The document "below" states that not one but three metalic saucer "disc" shaped flying "Identified" flying craft landed in New Mexico "Roswell" and that small alien bodies were recovered.

This story now coincides with what heavily criticized UFO whistle blower Bob Lazar stated in his claims that Area 51 had "Three" disc shaped crafts, only recently was Bob Lazar proved right when he first stated that a fuel called "Element 115" was in an extraterrestrial craft he was signed to backtrack on its technology, for years the government stated he was lying and there is no such thing as element 115, but now its been acknowledged that an element 115 has been created which proves he was stating the truth.
Bob Lazer also appeared in a YouTube video where the judge read out his qualifications and job experience in a court case and the judge stated everything he did as "FACT" and true, working in S4 in Area51 and that his education which was wiped of the system was not wiped off the judges sheets as she acknowledged his impressive education as "FACT" now he has been proven right and he did blow the whole entire above top secret base in Nevada US know as Area51 and its different compounds and facilities plus the amount of floors it had.

The "facts" are! 
1 - he stated 3 discs - This doc stated 3 discs.
2 - he stated Element 115- New Pattent states the creation of Element 115
3 - His education history and employment history acknowledged by a judge in a court case.
4 - He claimed there was a base in Nevada called Area 51 and its secret compounds including his hanger S4 - Last Year President Obama acknowledged Area51 with help of his Extraterrestrial believer adviser John Podesta who are in this pic flying on Airforce One "BELOW".

Slowly we are being led to the brink of extraterrestrial disclosure and all the fingers point to a NWO "new world order" for this to be acknowledged! as a 1 world order will share the technology the US was scared of going into the wrong hands and used as war weapons! the one world order means 1 government, one police and military and above all one understanding, then ET acknowledgemnt will be implemented for the entire planet, but until this NWO gets put in place the public will be fed NASA updates on places like Mars and so on for signs of microbial or ancient intelligence on the red planet.

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