19 October 2015

Flying Saucer Leaves Crater On Moon At High Speed (VERY CREDIBLE)

A new view of a saucer UFO leaving a crater on the moon, my analysis in audio. There is over 60 videos of authentic UFO footage by credible witnesses on YouTube! this is just one that I cant help but accept as a real sighting, the heatwaves and all the sky phenomena abnormalities that are between the camera and the moon is what makes this a credible video.

NASA sure wont try debunking this but government spooks debunkers on many media outlets will try crushing it as hard as they can, already YouTube has removed this video from YouTube search "UFO" filtered "Today" to stop media from publishing it, this YouTube group are funded by the US government to either allow or hide new UFO uploads from being on the search page for today, this is why many media have been posting well known fake channel CGI hoax related footage, because the real sightings are being hidden, not removed just hidden from the public that type the word "UFO" as any channels that do appear on YouTube pages are infact all either hoaxing or cgi creating and the government know their footage has no credibility to them making them liable for media publishing. We keep it as real as it gets at UFODI so stay tuned incase 1 day we get a mind blower! even though we have quite a few already.

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