19 October 2015

Three Spacemen Dropped Off By Huge Spacecraft At Neunmayer Station

Dont let the poster of this video get you thinking a planet was seen by three men! I'm here to be more realistic in saying that that planet was a starship and them three men were travelling space in this object and dropped off at the most unseen and rural place on earth outside the famous Neunmayer station.

To look into this just by looking at the frame pics you have a few standing points that show these three came from the craft! the frames before they appear show no activity at Neunmayer but a bright object abnormality that lights up the area that is not the sun as the sun just passed an hour earlier! the three then appear and are pointing at an area that should have nothing there but of course there is and its lighting up the area around them creating their shadows on the ground, they have what I believe is deep space suits and oxygen tanks, radiation proof magnetic foil spacesuits "IMO" and space - sunlight visors, they act strange with an object that produces unusual light "Not a torch" and mysteriously they are gone.

To a person thats a skeptic this would just be three people pointing at the moon, but the moon is barely visible from Neunmayer station and its not the sun! so the uploader believes it to be a planet! but if you know the truth about what secret black projects and UFOs also advanced space travel secrecy you will find this very very strange.

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