14 October 2015

Video Shows What Appears To Be A Huge City Above Clouds In Guangdong China

Isn't this the most strangest of a video?
Forget CGI or elaborate hoaxes from Thirdphaseofmoon and secureteam!
It seems someone is playing a different type of hoax and it involves heaven in the clouds.

The footage is dull, of low quality and very short! all the aspects of an elaborate hoax, shortness in video suggests it might just be a clip from a Chinese movie! yet what if its not? what if this is actual footage and we are so taught that anything like this has to be a fake.

Its reported that this happened in China! the post populated city on the planet and here we have only one video, the math does not add up at all and the news face on the video does not show a representing news station logo.

A lot of people will still fall for this and possibly think  its heaven or an inter dimensional portal to a future earth with super large sky scrapers! somethink people think CERN are doing, could the chinese be doing it! I'm sure that would be on some peoples minds.

After years of studying hundreds of videos from three top CGI and hoaxed UFO channels ThirdPhaseOfMoon, Secureteam and LooknowTV I can persuade myself to believe this video is an impressive creation by a CGI wiz kid! At the same time I cant persuade you the reader to follow my opinion.

The poster claims it to be a mirage or mirror effect of city of Guangdong China.

Video, China 09/10/2014 City In The Sky

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