03 November 2015

VIDEO NASA Thought Live ISS Feed Was Off During UFO Survielance Oct 29, 2015

UFO investigator Scott Waring was recording a live NASA feed on October 29th from the international space station when he noticed a remarkably bright beaming light appear between earth and the space station. How do I know hes telling the truth when stating in between? its that if this was a fishing ship lighting up the sea around it or a city lighted up which is something NASA have worked hard for us not to see anyway, it would move with the turn of the earth as the ISS wises by at 7.66km a second, but this object is travelling with the ISS at 7.66km a second, yes! strange.

NASA usually just cut out a live feed totally when unidentified objects appear! what mistake they did here is! In my opinion, they thought the feed was already cut offline and asked the crew to target the camera on the craft and study it, only to get a late notification that the feed was in fact still live.

The intense brightness might hide the craft on this particular camera but they have others with filters to shut out the light and see the actual craft in all its glory, thats the catch with NASA ISS live feed HD camera systems! they hide all forms of sertain wave length light shutting out cities, lightning storms, stars and sometimes the moon but yet white, blue, amber seem to be allowed only, yet the true HD cameras streaming shows absolutely everything and I mean everything, all things that move that shouldnt be up there! but on rare occasions the objects get real close in its brightness cant be hidden, just like this great catch in the video below.

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